I'm always in quest of new visual frontiers, whether they be out in the highlands of any earthly corner of the planet or the mere comforts of a studio.

I enjoy people a lot, especially their tales of conquest and defeat.

Once, at the top of a meseta in northern Spain, I witnessed an 82-year-old shepherd convince two enraged men that their fight was not worthy of true gentlemen. "Ole" to that!

Capturing life at its best has won me a few awards along the way, however I'm most happy that some of these images have made their way into the vaults of Art Museums across the Grande State of Texas.

When not in the States, you'll likely find me chasing those brave bulls of Spain, or trekking my way to the best tequila Mexico has to offer.

May we cross paths soon...


NEWS: NPR TEXAS STANDARD TEQUILA INTERVIEW : https://tinyurl.com/erztfu62

PROFOTO: https://profoto.com/ca/sharethelight/joel-salcido/835zy5zfycx3